mdillon's Perl Monks Page

Please read the instructions before trying to use this. THIS IS PRETTY RAW

Perl Monks Chat Watcher- this is my derivative version of Diego Zamboni's module, along with Gtk and console frontends. neither frontend is complete. the Gtk frontend can get and post messages, receive personal (/msg) messages, show what other users are online, and check off /msg's. there is currently no way to log in, so it uses the Netscape cookie file at ~/.netscape/cookies. login is in the, but i didn't do the Gtk interface yet. i'm not sure how well this will work with slower internet connections, since the GET is blocking the UI updates. i'll try to figure this out once i'm more familiar with Gtk. also, it doesn't yet notice when personal messages are removed through another interface (i.e. the browser). the Gtk interface requires Gtk-Perl 0.700 (that's what i used to code it). the console interface can only receive messages, and only shows public messages. it is basically only good for monitoring the chatterbox in a terminal window as an Anonymous Monk. both interfaces require a recent version of LWP.

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